Miami Florida Real Estate

Miami Florida Real Estate

Moving to Miami? Perhaps you’re a long time Florida resident looking to move to Miami or maybe you have lived in Miami a while and just need a change of area. No matter the reason we can help. Our specially trained staff of agents has listings ready to show you now.

Florida, Miami in specific, caters to the lively crowd. People who enjoy a busy lifestyle full of fun and always moving enjoy life here. The weather is conducive to outdoor activities and events. Many parades and community events happen here too. People from across the state as well as across the nation move here to be close to the action and bask in the sun.

Miami life is unusual in that all sides of life can be contemplated and enjoyed within its real estate. There is a phenomenally well-known party life here. Discos and nightclubs that became popular in the ‘70’s are now staples to the area. Parties take to the streets each night as revelers hang out of Limo sky windows to scream their delight and snappily dressed merrymakers saunter the streets in search of the next open bar and rocking band.

Business is booming in Miami too. There are many great apartments right in the business district making it an easy commute to work each day. Tons of trendy luncheonettes, delis and cafes dot the area so lunch never gets boring.

There’s family fun by the gallons in Miami as well. Miami Florida real estate can be really friendly to families with children. Museums, schools, churches and fun venues for kids are plentiful. Our agents are trained to be able to find you the very best Miami Florida real estate for you and your family.

If you moving alone or with a spouse and the family life isn’t what you’re after just yet, there are plenty of places in the Miami Florida real estate listings for you. Simply let us know what is important to you and we will find it for you. Once we know your priorities we can compile a list of properties with your interests in mind. Take a look at them and with each home you see, you’ll get a better idea of what you want and so will we. We work until you’re satisfied.

Valeriy and Ludmila of Bogatov Realty take their reputation very seriously. Each client is treated as an individual and great effort is put into building a rapport and learning their personalities to ensure the perfect home choice. The exemplary service they provide has steadily guided their reputation to great heights and continues to do so.

We also strive to keep our client relationships long-lasting and helpful. We continue to provide any necessary services our clients need way passed the escrow stage. When you choose us to help you in your search for marvelous Miami, Florida real estate we start by finding out what you undeniably must have in your Miami Florida real estate. What is it that you just can’t live without? Once we get those details nailed down we know how to get started.

Now comes the exciting part. As we search for the perfect Miami Florida real estate at the price you want we will be spending a lot of time together. We will learn the things you love and the things you loathe, your visions of the future and hopes and aspirations, your goals for life, family and more.

Maybe your dream home is on the private island of Prive in one of the 160 luxury condos with 10 foot ceilings and private elevators. The 10 ft. deep balconies and outdoor summer kittens make warm weather holidays a blast.

Perhaps the Bellini is more what you need; only 70 residences, this condo caters toward the super-luxurious. Twenty-four hour concierge, valet and security make you feel safe all the time. Wrap-around glass balconies provide stunning, unobstructed waterfront views from most of the staterooms.

If you are buying or selling condos in Miami the Bogatov Luxury Real Estate team is at the ideal choice for luxury properties. We understand the intricacies involved with properties of this magnitude and we take it seriously. Our clients deserve the utmost in respect and we strive to show that every time we meet.

Take a moment to peruse our website and give our office a call. You will be impressed with the immediate and helpful service. Our business is your pleasure. Call Bogatov Realty today at 305-613-3122.