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Mortgage rates in 2014

According to the predictions, this year levels of activity at real estate markets will rise in most regions of the U.S.A. It doesn’t matter it is a residential or a commercial real estate, the cost will rise really fast.
The results of the research by Zillow show that mortgage rates will be about 5 % this year. The high demand for housing is expected in Salt Lake City, Miami, San Diego and Seattle and other cities. As demand increases, prices will also continue to grow, and developers will offer more plans for new buildings.
Funding the mortgage companies will be easier for the next twelve months, as the interest rate will definitely rise and lenders are expected to simplify the lending criteria to provide greater customer base. Consequently many people will be able to get a mortgage without unnecessary bothers with documents.
The growth rate of the cost of housing during the past year reached 5% of the national average, while in some markets prices rose to record 20%. The pace of growth of property prices in the U.S.A on the whole is expected to drop to about 3% in 2014. But do not forget that this is only a prediction, boom on the purchase of real estate probably will break out in the United States with renewed vigor.