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The best areas for living in America

After a series of holidays, the season for the real estate market can finally be considered open and the most important issue on the agenda is “what suburbs are at the peak of popularity in 2014?” In search of answers, we checked incredible amount of real estate sites, filtering those objects which are most frequently added to favorites. We tracked changes in prices and sales volumes. At the same time, we asked hundreds of Realtors to share with us their expectations and observations about the high demand for different suburbs. Preparing in a special shaker this cocktail of big data analysis and real human experience, we have created our own list of areas with the greatest popularity in the last four months. So without further ado, we present to your attention the hottest apartments in 2014!
First of all, what are people looking nearby the house? Of course, these are prestigious schools and cozy playgrounds – one of the most important musthave today. But in reality, our agents stressed that buyers today are mostly looking for good deals and a good barter than some special conditions.
Last year, when prices jumped by 13%, clients were looking for something simpler and made a compromise with themselves. Area may be more crowded and restaurants and shops may be of the middle class, but the main criterion is the price yet. Buyers adhere to this strategy.